Richter Creative Office

Richter a business innovation and marketing agency founded by a Kuwaiti entrepreneur, Bader Nabeel Al-Essa. The company was established in 2014 by the need to perform full company turnaround and experience the full potential of companies in Kuwait.

Our mission statement is “To elevate the standards of products and services in the region by shedding the light on businesses to compete on an international level, while enriching the lives of everyone in the region”.

Our core values are creativity by thinking outside the box, attention to details, novel results, and most importantly accomplishing a happy/happy situation, where all parties benefit and enjoy the development process. Our understanding, strategy and approach, relationships, track records, achievements, hopes and mission is what makes our team special.

Richter Co.’s methodology is based on the Creative Problem Solving Process, a multi-step model to produce new ideas and novel results. This method is built on four main components: clarify, ideate, develop and implement.